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Take your pick from a wide range of insurance products and financial solutions that cover everything from cars and homes to health and retirement.

What we look at together

Car insurance

Optimize your car insurance through attractive collective discounts. Important information on which insurance cover is relevant for your vehicle can help you adjust the extras. Just send us a copy of your current insurance and you will get back with three customized offers. More mileage for your money!

Liability insurance

Avail packages that allow you to benefit from combination discounts on third-party insurance and safeguard yourself against the risks of liabilities imposed by claims and lawsuits. A safety net for the active participants of life.

Legal expenses insurance

Protect your rights without a dent in your pocket with private and traffic protection insurance for criminal proceedings, claims for damages, disputes with landlords, neighbors, employers, etc. Better safe than sorry!

Health insurance

Get access to both optimal and alternative health insurance solutions best suited to your region, life situation and medical requirements with the help of our independent consultants who assess your needs and handpick suitable solutions for you. So you stay healthy and happy!

Retirement provision

Maintain your established and current standard of living even after retirement with adequate private retirement provisions. Take advantage of the third pillar system and deduct your life insurance from taxes or use as security for loss of income. Stepping down from work shouldn’t mean you step down in your lifestyle too.


Give wings to your desires with affordable financing options for education, holidays, a new home, car or anything else on your wish list. We serve as your expert partners in sourcing market-competent solutions at competitive rates, fast and efficiently. Because nothing should come between you and your dreams.

Household insurance

An adjustment of your household insurance by any changes of the apartment or new purchases, which need a higher coverage, is always necessary. Under-insurance can quickly lead to financial difficulties.

Pet insurance

Reward their loyalty and unconditional love by insuring them against medical emergencies, huge vet bills, expensive treatments or costly surgeries. Sloppy kisses and happy tail wags will be in order to thank you for your concern and care.